Wild and Wooly Angora Goats 

The goat is one of the smallest domesticated ruminants (cud-chewing animals) and has served mankind earlier and longer than cattle or sheep. Goats are raised for the production of milk, meat and wool, particularly in arid, semi-tropical and mountainous countries.

Angora goats, like those seen in The Greatest Show On Earth®, weigh between 70 to 110 pounds and are approximately 25 inches tall. Angora goats may be the most efficient fiber producers on Earth. These makers of mohair came from and were named after Ankara (Angora prior to 1930), a Turkish province where they have thrived for centuries. Turkey prevented these goats from exportation until 1949 when seven does and two bucks were imported into the United States. Later, more were imported from Turkey and South America, the two principal mohair producers in the 19th century.

Goats come in many colors: solid black, white, red, brown, spotted, two- and three-colored, and blended shades, with distinct facial stripes and black and white saddles depending on the breed.

Fascinating Facts
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