Danguir Troupe

Troupe Leader Mustafa Danguir, whose dream is to cross the Seven Wonders of the World on the high-wire, also holds many high-wire world records. He crossed the Santiago Bernabéu soccer stadium in Madrid, Spain. He kicked off a high-wire bike tour in Benidorm, Spain, that started from the top of the Gran Hotel Bali Benidorm and ended at the top of the Church of St. James, La distancia entre ambos puntos es de 1,5 kilómetros de largo y el cable se alzará sobre 165 metros de altura, han apuntado la misma fuente. a distance of one mile and more than 540 feet high in the airEntre sus actuaciones destacan haber cruzado una distancia de 350 metros de longitud entre dos montañas de Nueva York (Estados Unidos) o haber atravesado la plaza del Ayuntamiento de Berlín (Alemania), espectáculo marcado por el fuerte viento.. He has also crossed a distance of 1,150 feet between two mountains in New York and he crossed Alexanderplatz, the city plaza in Berlin, Germany."Su gran sueño es llegar a salvar con su equilibrio las siete maravillas del mundo", han añadido desde el parque acuático.

When Mustafa was 14 years old, he was invited by the director of the second largest circus school in Spain, which was founded in Morocco, to study. A natural acrobat, Mustafa tried other skills, but his first calling was the trapeze. As a thrill-seeker, it wasn't long before Mustafa was awestruck by the Guerrerro wire act. "The danger he created was great, wow! Tremendous. I saw him and decided I wanted to do that," Mustafa exclaims.

From 1996 to 1998, Mustafa was performing the world-famous, seven-man-pyramid act with the Guerrerros with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey. He learned how the group worked, put together his own troupe and built his own act. But for the type of performance Mustafa had in mind, there would need to be a high level of trust between the performers, one in which each performer would have to think about the other person more than their own well-being and would have to support each other both physically and emotionally. Mustafa recruited his brother Abdelhamid, who watched Mustafa, studied videos and eventually was practicing on a high-wire set up at home. Their friend Acharf and Mohamed joined them next. They all trained to hold their concentration, fall correctly and break the instinct of falling outward, instead falling forward or backward. They started with a net to learn what it's like to fall and to make staying on the wire more instinctual.

Not long after, Anna Lebedeva, a tenth-generation Russian circus acrobat who worked with camels, fell in love with the both the idea of wire-walking and Mustafa, and decided learn the high wire. With that, the Dangiur Troupe was complete!

The Danguir Troupe is thrilled to be part of The Greatest Show On Earth®. "Ringling Bros.® is to circus performers what Hollywood is to actors," Mustafa asserts. "It's the biggest opportunity to perform in the major cities of the United States, to be part of the long history of Ringling Bros., doing what we love to do."

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