Duo Solys

Seen for the first time in America, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Presents Built To Amaze! SM  Duo Solys executes a never-before-seen hand-balancing routine that incorporates Cuban and French culture.

 Duo Solys is a result of a true love story that, despite language, occupations and distance, not only thrived, but bloomed into an incredible performing partnership that combines culture and beauty.

Hector Gutierrez, the youngest of four siblings, is a second generation performer born into a circus family; his father is a versatile acrobat and his mom a performance director, so entertaining audiences has been a way of life for this Cuban family. Hector was admitted to the prestigious Cuban National Circus School at age 14. Hector admits, even though he's skilled at teeterboard and Russian barre, hand-balancing is his passion.

Tatiana Colaquy, originally from Bordeaux France, spent her youth, along with her three brothers, participating in sports. She excelled in handball, a variation of basketball for women. As she neared adulthood, Tatiana originally planned and prepared for a career that would be business-oriented. She also earned a special certification to train and work with dogs to assist the hearing impaired and perform security detail.

Tatiana was working as an executive assistant until a very fateful meeting. Out for a night of entertainment, Tatiana attended a show in which Hector was performing his hand-balancing act. The two connected, Hector under the spotlight and Tatiana in the stands, and they ultimately fell in love, despite not speaking the same language. Within months, Tatiana moved to Cuba to be with Hector. Soon after, Hector was contracted to perform on a cruise ship and the pair, deeply in love, knew that if they wanted to stay together, they had to perform together.

Tatiana not only began a rigorous training regimen to increase her strength and agility, but she learned lessons in leverage, gravity and, of course, working together. After just five months of training, four hours a day, Tatiana was ready to make her debut. "We started out with small presentations ― basic things. But after two years of working together, Tatiana was amazing," said Hector.

Four years later, Duo Solys is performing together at The Greatest Show On Earth®! "This is the biggest show in the world, and when I was small I never thought it was possible for me to be here. This is my life's goal," Hector says. As for Tatiana, "My family is so proud of me; they see me as a star and can't believe where my life has taken me!"

This is the pair's first time in America; they are thrilled to spend time together and take in the sights and cities as they travel across the United States on the Ringling Bros. ® train.

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