What people are saying...

The Circus is Always a Great Time!!!!

Loved the whole circus experience. It was amazing. Everyone should check this event out!!!

-Ivyyyyy in Boston, MA

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents LEGENDS

Great show. Every performance was exciting for all in attendance. The length of the event was perfect as well. Would definitely recommend this event to a friend.

-DoubleDDD in Boston, MA

Awesome Family Experience

Love this show. Awesome experience for all ages. GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!!

-Gyvi in Houston, TX

Simply Amazing

I would recommend everyone to go see this show. It was truly built to amaze from the performances to the customs. I will definitely be taking my family back next year.

-Nikki035 in Little Rock, AR

My 3 year old was totally entertained the whole time!!

At 68 yrs old I still love the circus and this one definitely met my expectations. A great show by all. Some very different animals that I had not seen in a circus….pigs, goats, llama. The pace was just right because it kept my 3 1/2 yr old granddaughter entertained the whole time. It was her first and she was in awe of it all.

-atewol in Kingswood, TX

Great Family Show

This is the third time I’ve taken my grandchildren to Ringling Bros. Circus, and they were as excited and entertained as they were the first time. This show is so exciting, colorful, and fast-paced there is little chance of them getting bored or whiny. Adults also enjoy this show–it’s amazing…

-Irlfan in Youngstown, OH

Best Show to Date!!

I’ve taken my kids to the Barnum and Bailey Circus for several years now and this was by far the best show yet! We all thoroughly enjoyed it and think Ringling Brothers does a great job. Thanks for a great afternoon!

-Sportgirl65 in Aurora, CO


Loved the show. Definitely was the best. My husband, my 5 year old son and I had a great time. The motorcycles show in my opinion was the number 1!!

-Happycostumer in Boston, MA

Magical Time

The Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey Presents Circus XTREME was wonderful! We took our grandchildren to see it, and everyone has a great time!! They were ages 4, 6 and 13 – they ALL loved it!

-Cassana in CA

The Circus

Ringling Brothers has improved the show quite a bit. The pre-show was very enjoyable for my grandsons. We had excellent seats for the main show, could see all the acts and found the transitions to be well done. My grandsons liked the poodles and camels the best; I thought that all the acts were well done. It was a much crisper show than I remember. We will go again.

-sp4mendy in CA

Greatest show on earth – worth it!

It’s truely exceptional event, we’ve been the show twice every time we go just exceptional, hope the show can last longer in Houston!

-JackieSwx in Katy, TX

Absolutely LOVED this show!

This is my family’s second year going to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey: Legends. We hope to go every year. It was my husband, myself and our 3 daughters that attended. We laughed and smiled the whole entire time. Such a blast!!

-mmills04 in Clarks Mill, PA

Great Show

We had a great time. The show was great, wonderful performances all around. The motorcycles and animals were a big hit in our house. I was also happy for the little education that was given about the treatment of the animals.

-kohara in VT

Wonderful Circus Experience

We took the whole family. The grandchildren absolutely loved the whole experience. We had the opportunity to see the animals and go down on the floor to visit with the cast prior to the show. Loved it!!!

-David58 in CO

So Much Fun

The whole family enjoyed every part. We went an hour early for the pre-show which I highly recommend.

-Irishgirl1010 in CT


Our family group (from 5 to 7 people) has been going to this event for the past seven years.
It never ceases to amaze, and has something new every year. We enjoyed this year’s “extreme”show with special favoritism to the cannon, tightrope walkers, and the trained dogs.
We recommend it to anyone, and are happy we have this family “tradition.”

-Barnwriter in San Clemente, CA

Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey was AMAZING ! !

Took my 7 yr old daughter and she absolutely loved it. I’ve gone to the small circus and was never really interested or entertained. This show was the best entertainment for my whole family.

-amybae in Anaheim, CA

Great time at the Circus!

My fiance and I really enjoyed our first circus together. The performances of all participants was amazing. We plan to return in the future.

-JDNLouisville in Louisville, KY