28 Oct Out Of This World Animal Presenter DIY Halloween Costume


If you’re still looking for a fun and easy-to-DIY Halloween costume, our Costume Production Manager put together some simple steps to help you create a costume like the one our Mixed Animal Presenter, Mariya Klose, wears in the show for Ringling Bros. Presents Out Of This World! Maria’s costume is the perfect modern, intergalactic spin on a traditional circus costume. And you can make your very own costume inspired by this fun look with just a few items you have at home or can pick up in a local thrift store! Here’s how:

Gather Your Materials:

  • Thrift store dress in a fun color
  • One or two cute petticoats to provide some volume and color
  • Black trim, like ball fringe, for graphic details
  • Metallic silver trim with a white ruffle
  • Fabric glue
  • Needle and thread for some easy sewing

Step One

Find a great colored dress from the local thrift store and accessorize with a petticoat or two to create the right silhouette.


Step Two

Cut off the skirt of the dress at the right length (approximately at a length that ends where the bottom of the petticoats fall). Don’t worry! You’ll cover the cut edge with trim to make it look great.


Step Three

Add black trim, like ball fringe, to create a graphic effect.


Step Four

Add cut-out felt shapes to enhance the neckline of your costume. Consider using two colors like in the image below to help reinforce the graphic quality.


Step Five

Tuck-up the two sides of your skirt to reveal the petticoats and tack the gatherings with simple stitches using the needle and thread. This step will create a nice ruched look at the midsection of the dress.


Step Six

Add white and silver trim to create the cool curvy lines of the original costume.


Great job!

With a quick run to the thrift store and a little crafting work, you’ve created an awesome Out Of This World inspired costume that will have you ready to blast off for a whatever fun Halloween festivities you have planned!


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