27 Oct Out Of This World Evil Queen DIY Halloween Costume

Still searching for your family’s Halloween costumes? Ringling Bros.’s In-House Costumes Production Manager, Ken Mooney, has a fun and easy idea you can use to make an Out Of This World inspired costume that you can DIY at home using items you already have or items inexpensively purchased at the local thrift store!

With just a few simple steps, you can create your very own costume inspired by Out Of This World’s Evil Queen, Tatiana! Here’s how:


  •  Your favorite color dress from thrift store
  • Hot pink and Black felt
  • Silver and hot pink trim like ribbon, beading, etc.
  • Clear glue-on gems
  • Fabric glue
  • Needle and thread for some quick and easy sewing

Step One

Find a dress that suits the color and feel of the original Evil Queen dress.


Step Two

Cut some easy, colorful details out of the felt to be applied to the dress with glue. Here’s an image of us creating the shoulder wings.


Step Three

Create shapes using colored felt that contrasts against your dress to help your details visually pop!


Step Four

Add your hot pink and silver trim with glue to give your dress a true Evil Queen Tatiana quality!


Step Five

Add your glue-on stones to make your costume shine! Pull up the skirt at the sides and wear it over leggings for an even more dramatic look. Add a purchased crown and curly, full blonde wig to really complete the look and be the talk of the galaxy!


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