26 Oct Out Of This World Ringmaster DIY Costume

There is only one week left before Halloween. Does your family have costumes ready? If not, don’t sweat it! We met with the Ringling Bros. In-House Costume Production Manager, Ken Mooney, to help you with some easy and fun ideas for costumes inspired by Ringling Bros. Presents Out Of This World that you can put together using items you already have or can get inexpensively at a local thrift store! Here’s a look how he took the original costume designs for the Out Of This World characters and used them to create costume concepts you can DIY at home!

Out Of This World  Ringmaster Costume

Gather Your Materials

  • Solid color jacket (ideally red) from thrift store to be base of costume
  • Colorful, wide grosgrain trim — ideally, 2″ in blue
  • Iron-on adhesive, such as Wonder Under brand
  • Gold trims for front of jacket and epaulettes
  • Gold felt
  • Fabric glue (we recommend Fabric-Tac brand, as it dries fast and clear.)
  • Colorful glue-on plastic gems and stars

Step One

Lay out your thrift store jacket on a flat surface



Step Two

Use grosgrain ribbon and iron-on adhesive to apply colorful bands as seen on original costume design.


Step Three

Cut strips of iron-on adhesive (Wonder Under) slightly smaller than the grosgrain ribbon, then remove the paper side of the adhesive strips. Iron the ribbon onto the jacket. Do this for each shape you want to add to the jacket.


Step Four

Cut Gold Metallic ribbon to go on border of each shape. Apply the gold ribbon to grosgrain ribbon with fabric glue.


Step Five

Using gold felt, cut a shape similar to what’s in the image below to be used for the cool shoulder epaulettes worn by your hero. This can be trimmed and easily applied with fabric glue.


Step Six

Apply all your elements to the jacket and decorate with glue-on stones, stars and other items to add an extra sparkle! Ta-da! You have your Out Of This World Ringmaster costume! Bonus points if you add a top hat and boots!



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