Becoming Ringling is an audition series spotlighting the global search for the most talented performers and circus acts on the planet to join The Greatest Show On Earth. The series follows Casting Director, Giulio Scatola on a worldwide tour from Vegas to Paris to Buenos Aires to Ethiopia to Mongolia. Go behind the scenes of this epic journey to cast the greatest performers on the planet to join the newly reimagined Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey.

Episode 5: Mongolia

In Episode 5 of our Becoming Ringling Audition Series we head to the final stop in our global search for performers to join The Greatest Show On Earth. Welcome to Mongolia, a region that has a long history and tradition of classical circus arts. It’s there that we were WOWED by The Troupe Brothers, a group of acrobatic performers who can do it all!



Episode 4: Ethiopia

Episode 4 of our Becoming Ringling Audition Series takes us to the other end of the world, in Ethiopia; a region relatively unknown in the circus world but home to enormous talent and raw energy. It’s there that we meet Yab Brothers and Troupe Ethio Salem, groups with jaw-dropping talent, technique and acrobatic expertise that will WOW audiences when The Greatest Show On Earth debuts this fall.



Episode 3: Buenos Aires

In Episode 3 of our Becoming Ringling Audition Series, Giulio and the creative team head to the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, renowned for their passionate rhythm and dancing. We meet Argendance, a folk-dance troupe that introduces a fusion of Boleadoras and Malambo that will leave audiences mesmerized.



Episode 2: Las Vegas

Join us for Episode 2 of our Becoming Ringling Audition Series. Next Stop…Vegas! Giulio Scatola and Ringling’s creative team head to fabulous Las Vegas, a legendary circus city with performers known for pushing boundaries. We were wowed in Paris. Does Vegas have what it takes? Let’s find out.


Episode 1: Paris

In Episode 1 of Becoming Ringling, Giulio Scatola and Ringling’s creative team kick off our global talent search in Paris, France – a place known for its exceptional aerialist and acrobatic performers. See footage from the many incredible individuals who auditioned, including Duo Lyra performers, the Gemini Twins and the jaw-dropping acrosport group, Black Diamond Trio.



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