Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus features stunning feats of real human achievement, musical performances blended with aerial artistry and never-before-seen acts on highwire, trapeze, bicycles, and more. Here’s a collection of 10 of our favorite jaw-dropping moments from The Greatest Show On Earth!

Troupe Brothers

Troupe Brothers Perform a Quintuple Somersault

The Troupe Brothers have performed for audiences around the world and are bringing their special special blend of traditional-meets-Korean style teeterboard to The Greatest Show On Earth, guaranteeing plenty of surprises and thrills in between including an epic quintuple somersault that has never been seen in the US!


Argendance Brings Pure Fire

Argendance makes their appearance at The Greatest Show On Earth in a moment as mesmerizing as their fantastic, bombastic folk-dance style. The troupe from Arentina introduces a fusion of Boleadoras — exquisitely choreographed movement using throwing weapons made of cords and weighted with stones — and Malambo, a traditional folk dance featuring percussive footwork. We guarantee you will be tap-tap-tapping to the beat of their mystifying Malambo rhythm.

The Lopez Family photo

The Lopez Family Shares a New Twist on the Highwire

Jaws drop when 6th generation circus performers, The Lopez Family take to the sky on top of three highwires connected in an all-new triangular formation 25-feet above the arena floor; a never-before-seen, never-before-attempted take on the highwire that you’ll have to see to believe.

YAB Brothers

The Yab Brothers’ Epic Foot Juggling Takes Center Stage 

Sisay and Yabu, better known as The Yab Brothers, are a two-man Ethiopian Risley performance act bringing their twist on foot juggling to Ringling. The result? A spectacular act combining single, double and twisting flips that culminate on a marathon juggling session that will have you counting one insane, breathless flip after another.


BMX Meets The Greatest Show On Earth

It’s an electric moment when Ringling’s Freestyle BMX Troupe burst onto the Ultimate Playround with their unique, high-adrenaline blend of BMX, trial bikes and even a unicycle. The Greatest Show On Earth also features a crazy Extreme Jump Box Trampoline, sending bikes soaring through the air; leaving fans cheering in the stands.

Troupe Ethio Selam

Troupe Ethio Selam Perform Insane Hoop Diving Maneuvers

They make it look so easy and effortless that you almost can’t believe your eyes when you see Ethiopia’s Troupe Ethio Selam execute complex, impressive tricks, including fan-favorite hoop diving that will leave you gasping. The Troupe has been performing together for more than ten years, working hard to perfect their skills.

Giulia and Mattia Rossi

Mattia & Giulia Take to the Sky with Stunning Aerial Artistry
It’s hard to look away from aerial duo Mattia & Giulia, graduates of prestigious arts academies in Europe. With a background in gymnastics, they are specialized in Hand-to-Hand and Aerial Straps Duo and they put on a stunning display of super human strength and balance that mesmerizes audiences city after city.

Navas Troupe

The Navas Troupe Captivates with Rarely-Seen Stunts

In an extraordinary moment, the catchy “This is our Song” musical moment abruptly ends, and the spotlight immediately turns to four daredevils known as the Navas Troupe as they swing and leap onto the Double Wheel of Destiny. And so begins what can only be described as an adrenaline-inducing performance that has the acrobats soaring 3 stories above the ground. The troupe performs rarely–seen stunts that include them leaping back and forth between two simultaneously spinning apparatuses, all while moving at incredibly high speeds.

Tic Tac Trio

Tic Tac Trio’s High-Soaring Tricks and Flips

Imagine the ultimate playground, where see-saws flip and send you floating high into the sky. After performing in prestigous circuses around the world, Tic Tac Trio brings their Korean Teeterboard Apparatus act to The Greatest Show On Earth. The result is a jaw-dropping combination of high-flying tricks and flips that will leave audiences with suspended breaths.

human rocket

Skyler Miser – aka, the Ringling Rocket, Flies Through the Air at 65 mph
The Greatest Show On Earth has one final epic, heart-stopping moment up its sleeve when it welcomes human cannonball royalty and second-generation circus performer Skyler Miser to the show floor. As the countdown begins and pulses start to increase, Sklyer loads into the rocket. Then…BLAST OFF…Skyler soars through the sky as the Ringling Rocket, launching to an incredible, inconceivable distance at 65 mph.


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