Discover your inner circus star with our newest YouTube series. Host Wesley Williams invites you to join some of the greatest circus performers in the world as they break down thrilling tricks into easy-to-learn steps, perfect for all ages. From juggling to simple acrobatics, each episode brings the magic of Ringling to your living room, back yard or anywhere in between.

Episode 1: Tightrope

Want to learn how to walk the tightrope like a circus professional? The Lopez Family has some tips and tricks for teaching you how to walk the tightrope from the comfort of your home. From prepping at home to tips on keeping your balance, you’ll be walking your at-home tightrope in no time. Watch to the end for a very furry and special Ringling surprise guest!

Episode 2: Juggling

Juggling is a skill that most circus performers know and love! We’ve got some tips to help you learn how to juggle in your own home. Using household items, Wesley and Rigo will have you entertaining your family and friends in no time!

Episode 3: Acrobatics

When most people think of the circus, they think of flipping and rolling galore! With help from Wesley, and Abiy from Troupe Ethio Selam, you’ll learn some beginner acrobatic moves that will have you tumbling and rolling all around your home.