Our Road To Ringling Vlog series takes viewers behind the scenes with unprecedented access to what it takes to build the iconic American Icon that’s been sparking imaginations and enthralling audiences for more than 150 years.

Episode 1: Load-In

In Episode 1, we head to Feld Studios where load-in for rehearsals is underway. Viewers will get a first look at the high wire, trapeze, BMX and Wheel of Destiny setups, while our operations team walks through what it takes to assemble The Greatest Show On Earth.

Episode 2: Workshops

Episode 2 of our Road to Ringling Vlog Series invites viewers to go behind the scenes for a real-time, inside peek at performer workshops at Feld Studios. Learn how the creative team and performers collaborate to create a unified vision, as we inch closer and closer to opening day for The Greatest Show On Earth!

Episode 3: Rehearsals

Episode 3 of our Road to Ringling Vlog Series transports viewers behind the scenes for an exclusive peek at our intense rehearsal process. A diverse group of 75 of the best performers on the planet have made their way to Feld Studios in Florida; all united by a singular goal: to bring The Greatest Show On Earth to life like never before. Join us as we shine the spotlight on the passion, commitment and extraordinary talent it takes to create a spectacle of this magnitude.

Episode 4: The Ultimate Playground

Episode 4 of our Road to Ringling Vlog Series invites viewers behind the scenes to hang out at the ultimate playground, an explosion of color where seesaws send you flying, balance beams float high in the sky, and larger-than-life blocks set the stage for the 75+ performers who make up The Greatest Show On Earth. Step inside the minds of the creative team tasked with bringing this innovative, 360-degree environment to life.

Episode 5: Director’s Cut

Episode 5 of our Road to Ringling Vlog Series gives viewers a front row seat to The Greatest Show On Earth – an exclusive peek at some of the very first footage of the new show! Directors Dan and Ross share the creative journey they’ve been on over the last couple of years; the sheer scale and incredible level of detail – performances, sound, lighting, costumes, music – all the elements necessary to produce a circus of this massive size. The result will be pure magic for audiences. A visceral blast of talent and color and sound and incredible visuals that is The Greatest Show On Earth.

Episode 6: First Look

The final installment of our Road to Ringling vlog series invites you to take a front row seat for the very first exclusive footage of The Greatest Show On Earth. Years of dreaming, concepting, creating and building; journeying thousands of miles across the globe to pull together a dream cast of incredible, superhuman performers; and hundreds of hours of rehearsals to perfect two hours of jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring and incredible feats that push the limits of human potential. “Welcome to the show!”